Strength of Schedule

Strength of Schedule (SOS) is a rating which applies to a team's schedule such that the stronger the opponents,
the higher the SOS rating, or conversely, the weaker the opponents, the lower the
SOS rating. In order to tabulate an SOS rating, the opponent's strength has to be evaluated.

The RPI method, discussed in more detail elsewhere, is based on a team's record and
its opponents' records and their opponents' records. The 2nd and 3rd components, when added,
yield the strength of schedule. This method is based on wins and losses and not goal or point margins or other
factors contained in the first two methods.

Consider this example of Team A's record and its opponents' and opponents' opponents records:

        Team Rec (1/4)    Opp Rec (1/2)     Opp-Opp Rec (1/4)
          W/L PCT.          W/L PCT.           W/L PCT.
            0.75              0.60               0.40

Using the second and third weights and values shown above, Team A's SOS would be 100 * ((0.50 * 0.60) +
(0.25 * 0.40)) = 40. 

Advantages: Uniformity throughout all NCAA Sports since it is based strictly on wins and losses. It is a
straight forward calculation.

Disadvantages: Does not take into account margin of victory and if two regions are insulated from each
other, where one is stronger than the other, the win-losses within in each region will generate essentially
equal strenght of schedule ratings.